If you are in Penang, the first thing that comes to your mind is food. In Penang, the kaleidoscope of food is overwhelming, from the famed hawker stalls to 5 star hotels. Living up to the island’s reputation as a food haven, for vegetarians, for health or religious reason, there are restaurants and eateries that cater particularly to this community.

In Penang, Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen located at Madras Lane, Georgetown which officially opened her door to the public in November 2006, is a loving tribute from all three generations of a closed-knit family for their beloved mother and grandmother, Madam Lau Geok Ngoh who lived to a ripe old age of 90.

Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen is named after Madam Lau’s daughter, Lily, who inherited her culinary skills and is the head chef. The three generations of vegetarians spanning across the globe from Singapore, Australia, China and United Kingdom are devoted vegetarians and have been since 1984 in support of the matriarch when she became a vegetarian for the well-being of the family.

At Lily’s, you can discredit any idea that vegetarian food is uninteresting, starchy and consists mainly of only green as the food offered is delicious and graced with creativity and ingenuity. The food served is all vegetarian and mostly soya-based instead of gluten. In fact, most of Lily’s ingredients are organically grown and directly brought in fresh from organic farms in Cameron Highland. No eggs are used in Lily’s and we serve a lacto-vegetarian menu where only dairy products besides vegetarian and nuts are used.